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Did u kno Ashton’s pointer finger is longer than the length of an iPhone 5 ;_;

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5 Seconds of Summer in Alternative Press, Issue 314

Preorder one of the two covers (or get both) here.



Tyler Posey and Adelaide Kane attend the Flash Bash with BuzzFeed & CW Event During Comic-Con Weekend, on July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California.

5SOS on Jimmy Kimmel


is it too much to ask to get 100 dollars from every rich person in the world



Dylan O’Brien cheering when Shelley Hennig says her favourite part about Malia is that she is the big spoon. x
Teen Wolf panel at San Diego Comic Con 2014
Photographed by Tiffany Chien (please credit if edited/reuploaded)

In February, we headed to LA to do some work on the album, which was absolutely crazy. It’s a different world out there though at one point I was worried I wasn’t even going to get into the country. All other guys went through passport control fine, then a woman stopped me, called over our tour manager Paul and said: “There’s a problem with him. He needs to go back.” They took me into a room and I thought they were going to keep me there for hours, but thankfully the women who came to talk to me knew who Simon Cowell was and knew I was a band. In the end i was interviewed for an hour about what I was doing there and why I was visiting America. It turned out that my name was flagged up as similar to that of someone they were looking for, so they were just being cautious. I got stopped at customs as well, but again I got through okay as the guy there was really nice.

Zayn Malik, Dare to Dream

In case you’re wondering, this is what racism and islamophobia look like

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Dylan O’Brien+puppies